The Kidney Treatment Center of South Florida

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Sometimes quality is not measured just by the mathematical parameters by which our world tends to judge all of us today…nor by the simple expense of the doorknobs you touch, nor the tiles on which you step. Sometimes you walk into a place and you feel embraced, safe, and secure, even if you are anxious inside.

How Does In Center Dialysis Work

Dealing with kidney disease and commencing dialysis may seem quite overwhelming for the new dialysis patient. We at the Kidney Treatment Center of South Florida try to make this experience as comfortable for both you the dialysis patient, and for your friends.

Traveling or Transferring Patients

Yes you can Travel while on Dialysis!

Many years ago, dialysis patients were extremely restricted as to travel. Today, with proper advance planning, the dialysis patient can enjoy both the leisure or business benefits of a normal travel life. The following are certain key tips which will make your travel as a dialysis patient more

Miami & Surrounding Areas

The Kidney Treatment Center of South Florida is a private independently owned and operated dialysis Facility which combines the highest quality clinical care with an extraordinarily congenial enuiroment When you have chronic kidney disease or need dialysis, you can keep working. There are benefits to working such as keeping your insurance and maintaining your lifestyle.